​​Keojha and Tim's Writing Space

Here is our rough draft:
The Missing Lion Cub

One day there lived a lion cub named Alex. When he was small he always was a gentle cub, caring for everyone but himself. Alex had a strict dad that always wanted Alex live up to what he did. One day Alex smelled meat. He went after the smell to impress his dad. Little did Alex know, but there was sleeping gas around the meat. After smelling the gas, Alex the cub fell asleep. Out came strong hunters. There came a stiff shaddow behind the hunters. The shadow began to move closer and closer to Alex . Alex woke up and heard the hunters running away. Then he heard a sqeak. Out of the shaddow came a bear cub dressed in mud. Alex played tag with the bear cub when suddenly ...........Alex fell a long way down a hole in the ground. He was in a very dark hole when all of a sudden Alex was pulled up by a crate hooked to a rope. The crate fell over on it's side letting Alex escape. Next, Alex fell in a pond and ended up in an alligator's mouth. The alligator had swollowed him whole. Alex was in the alligator's stomach! Next, Alex cried until he heard a roar. As the alligator opened his mouth, Alex saw daylight and escaped. Alex walked out and saw a lion. Then the lion grabbed Alex and took him to his father's den. The father lion tried to eat the Alex! Then, the lion grabbed Alex and took him some where dark and cold. The wind blew forcing Alex to open his eyes and he find himself dangling from a cliff. Suddenly he fell off the cliff and also heard gun shots. As he landed in some soft bushes, Alex heard a dog whining so he went to see what had happened . He ran and found a wounded dog. When Alex crouched to see what had happened to the dog, a hunter came out to take the dog out of its misery. Alex got really angry and started to attack the hunter. Then the hunter shot Alex. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the hunter is attacked by Alex's dad. After a struggle, the hunter is killed by Alex's dad. Just when the father and son thought they were safe, a boulder rolled off a cliff and hit Alex's dad. He died immediately. Later on, Alex recovered from his wound, and lived to tell his many children about his adventure.

Here our story web done on 12-17-09. K-T4.jpg