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This where I am going to write my story.



Sarah's Adventures
One day a girl named Sarah was sitting on the beach playing with her dog named cupcake.Her friends Miranda,True,and Nick were eating ice cream cones when they saw a hidden mysterious path.Nick suggested they follow it.Everyone agreed.

Sarah felt a chill brush up against her.The path was thick and full of pine trees.When they were at the end Sarah was bleeding.

There was also a creepy house.Miranda was wearing a bandana.She took it off and ripped it.She gave it to Nick.Nick tied it around Sarah's arm.

''Let's go inside'', suggested True.They went inside and the door slammed shut.They all immediately pulled hard.Nick fell,then sarah fell on top of him.

True and Miranda helped them up.'' Looks like we're stuck in here,'' said Nick.''Come on you guys help me clean this cut.I wonder if there is a bathroom?''

All of a sudden something cold started to pull Sarah by the arm.She called ''Nick''.He came and tried to hold on but he fell.He got right back up started to chase her.Whatever was pulling her stopped and there was the bathroom.

Nick caught up and so did Miranda and True.''That was wicked,'' said True.''I'm just going to forget what just happened.Now help me clean this.''said Sarah.

As soon as she said this, the mirror opened and a bottle of peroxide came out and started come out on the cut.Sarah fainted.The bathroom door slammed and Sarah and Nick were stuck inside.

True and Miranda pulled while Nick pushed.''Face it were stuck,''said Nick.He went to Sarah and shook her but she didnt wake up.She was barely breathing so Nick gave her mouth to mouth.

After four tries Sarah woke up.''You saved me,''she said.She said thank you and gave him a kiss on the cheek.''Wow,''said Nick.''Now let's get out of here,''said Sarah.There was metal pole in the bathroom.They told Miranda and True to move.They picked up the pole and ran towards the door,the door fell.Sarah,Nick,True,and Miranda all gave each other a hug.

''I really don't like this anymore''said Miranda.

''Let's keep on walking''said Nick. They started walking again and they saw a ghost. Sarah stood out and wanted the ghost to tell her his or her name.

''First of all I'm a girl and my name is Scarlet''said the ghost.

''I'm Sarah this is Nick,Miranda,and True''said Sarah

''Were you the one who locked Nick and I in the bathroom?''asked Sarah.

''Yes''said the ghost.

''Why?''asked Nick.

''I am really shy and I was scared you would see me and run away in terror''said Scarlet.

''No we wouldn't'' said Sarah.

''You seem to be a friendly ghost''said True.

''Well,thank you''said Scarlet.

''Come on you guys we have got to find a way to get out of here''said Sarah.

''Wait,do you have to go so soon?''asked Scarlet.

''We are trying to get out so I guess we'll see you around''said Sarah.

''I guess''said Scarlet.

They started walking and then they stopped because they knew Scarlet was following them.

"Scarlet,why are you folowing us?''asked Sarah.

''I'm not Scarlet''said someone.

"RUN''screamed Sarah.

They all took off running down the hall.Sarah fell but she was holding Nick's hand so he fell with her.She tried to get up but she couldn't because something was pulling her away it was the ghost.She screamed and Nick went after her.