Janvi's Writing Space


Hi, my name is Janvi I'm in the author program with you and I am a student at Delmar Elamentary School. I am in 5th grade and in Mrs.Taylor's class. I love to write stories I like Mystery stories. I like Mystery books and I like humorius books such as The Weird School series by Dan Gutman. I am trying to read the whole series by checking them out from the school library. Some of the ones I read are:
Miss.Yonkers is too Bonker, Miss.Batty is too Batty, and Miss.Yonkers is Boonkers. The one I am reading right know is Mrs.Cooney is Loony. I love to read and write they are 2 of the things I do when I am bored. Because I find new Characters every time I read a couple of pages. Right now I am reading Twilight it is awesome so far. I can't wait till you come here.


The Person that Broke into many houses

On a dark gloomy winter day at the city of Delmar an unknown man was going house to house breaking into everyones house. First he broke into Sally's house andd Sally said he took a diamond necklace and $100. Then he went to grandma nanny's house and stole her walking stick and all her money.

Jenny said this is enough and she got her friend Marry and they both tryed to get hold of him but she couldn't so they started a little program called neighborhood watch. So everybody kept a good watch on the neighborhood. But they did not see him. Everyone looked and looked but he never came. So the next time he came the girls sw him they even got clos and ready to catch him but boom! he shot them.

Jenny's mom Lucy and Marry's mom Susan came over and said my poor baby and took them to the hospital.

The doctor said that they will be able to take the bullet out of Jenny and save her but Marry was on the edge she might live or she....... or what asked Susan or she's going to die replied the doctor. "No no she can't please please make her live"begged Susan .

Now it's up to god to do what thye need tosaid the doctor. Susan cried and cried and she didn't eat or drink anything after that. "You have to eat or else you are going to be in the hospital" said Lucy. So Susan had 1 tiny slice of pizza.

The doctor came out and said " good news both of your chidren lived" that was the most happiest thing that she heard today.

"Yes! thank you god I love you" said the two mothers.

Then once they got home they saw the man they ran and grabbed the closed there eyes and opened them he was caught.
"yes!we got him" exclaimed Jenny and Marry. "It's about time" yelled Susan and Lucy. They took out the mask off the man's face and it was the house cleaner "no wonder he knows so much about us" said Jenny and Susan.

After that they lived in caution and watched there neighborhood and had fun together and made sure nothing was suspicious and if it was they searched before it got further so now there was no problem in the neighborhood. Then they had stayed together and in happyness and there were noproblems in the neighborhood at least till now.