Jalisa and Hunter's Writing Space

Who: Kristin, who is a friend to Jalisa, 10 years old
What: Jalisa sleep over at Kristin's house. Kristin is a new person in the community. Kristin moved into a haunted house, but did not know it was haunted.
When: A typical Friday night, summer
Where: inside the house in Mardela

Who: Austin, "my" brother
What: at a birthday party, he got mad at someone because this person always messes everything up; this person sneezed on the cake, when Austin was cutting it
When: March 9, 2010
Where: At a hotel in Ocean City, MD

Who: Jalisa, Brandon, and Hunter
What: Differnet things: getting in trouble; field trips; Mr. Echard and Mrs. Shupe; other individual adventures
When: 4th grade year
Where: Northwestern Elementary School

Who: Brandon, CT, Jalisa, Hunter
What: the characters were watching a football game together; suddenly a strange thing happened--they were pulled into the game through the TV
When: Dec:ember, during the NFL playoffs, 7:00 game
Where: Brandon's house; the game they are pulled into is in Texas


Kristin & Jalisa met at school. Kristin asked Jalisa to spend a night. Jalisa asked her parents. Her parents said yes.
Jalisa came over the next night. Jalisa and Kristin had a pillow fight. Jalisa and Kristin went to the kitchen. The door shut by itself! The windows opened by themselves! The girls were frightened.
Jalisa said, "What are we going to do?" Jalisa and Kristin hid in the closet and when the sounds stopped, they went to Kristin's room.
Kristin said, "Let's stay in here where we are safe." They couldn't sleep because they were tossing and turning.
The next morning Kristin & Jalisa went to the park where their friends, Hunter and Brandon were playing football. Jalisa and Kristin told Hunter and Brandon about being trapped.
Hunter and Brandon laughed! Brandon said, "Yeah, right."
Hunter said, "You two are CRAZY!"
Jalisa and Kristin said,"We'll prove it!"
Hunter and Brandon went with Kristin and Jalisa to Kristin's house. They went into the basement and heard a noise. They were frightened.
Brandon said, "I'll go check it out.
I'm not scared." Hunter said. "I will go along."
So, Brandon and Hunter went up to the kitchen very quietly to see if they could see the ghost. Brandon opened the door and saw Kristin's Dad getting a drink of water. Brandon and Hunter went back downstairs and told Jalisa and Kristin that the noise was only Kristin's dad getting a drink.
Jalisa said, "BUT there was a ghost! We heard it!"
Kristin said, "Come back another time."
For the next week Brandon, Hunter, Jalisa and Kristin hid in the basement to see if they could catch the ghost. They heard a lot of noises and they tried to find out where the noises were coming from.
Hunter said, "The noises are coming from the kitchen."
Hunter and Brandon hid in the linen closet near the kitchen. They heard a noise. They opened the door and saw someone with a mask and cape.
The person took off the mask to get some juice. It was Kristin's Dad!
Dad heard Brandon and Hunter and he hid.
Hunter and Brandon went down to the basement. Brandon told Kristin "There's no ghost! It's just your dad trying to scare us!"