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The Surprise
There once was a basketball star. His name was Tony. He was the best basketball player in Meadville. There he had a little sister named Lacy. She was very annoying, but not out in public. Everybody thought she was cute but she really wasn't. Tony knew that his sister had problems. She had problems with feelings that made her really sad. One time she learned to play the piano but Tony knew that was a bad idea. Whenever Lacy tried a new note that she couldn't do she threw a temper tantrum. One day Tony taught Lacy how to play basketball. She was improving every day. When she went to middle school there were many people trying out for basketball like her. And, guess who was there? Her own brother and did I mention he was very popular. After all he was very good at basketball. Lacy's best freinds, Blair and Emily, were already there for tryouts. Coach Fisher said that Lacy was very good at basketball and she should join the team. Lacy got home and did her homework and went to bed. The next morning Lacy went down to eat breakfast. It was a Saturday so she didn't have school. Tony was already downstairs watching TV. Lacy ate, pulled on some shoes, and went outside. She grabbed her basketball which she got for her birthday and started playing. Tony happened to look out the window and saw Lacy throw a perfect shot. Tony pulled on his shoes and went outside to play with her. Lacy didn't see Tony so Tony decided to scare her. Lacy screamed so loud that she woke up her parents. Her mom and dad looked out the window to see what had happened, then her parents went down stairs. Tony grabbed the ball from Lacy and started a game for more practice. Lacy tried to steal the ball but remember, Tony was the best player from were he lives. Later Tony was getting very hungry so he happened to lose the game. Both Tony and Lacy went in for lunch. Lacy's birthday was coming up soon so she was making a list of what she wanted. Lacy wanted a basketball, a new outfit, and a scooter plus a lot of other small things. Lacy and her parents went to Toys R Us to get the scooter. Since Toys R Us was a block away Lacy decided that she would ride the scooter home. There was a big hill that she needed to go down. So she decided to go really fast, but when she was turning she fell down. Thankfully, Blair was outside playing with her puppy. She decided to call Lacy's parents and then called 911. Lacy woke up on a bed in the hospital with her parents next to her. Her arm hurt so bad and she looked down and saw a cast on her arm. Lacy said, '' I won't be playing basketball anymore will I?" Her mom said, " I am sorry darling, but no." Lacy's mom said, '' But we are going to let you take piano lessons again." At that time Tony walked in and said piano lessons start in one month. He said he was very sorry about her arm. Lacy and her parents walked out of the hospital to their car. Lacy said, 'I'm sorry for not being careful and responsible on my new scooter." Her dad started the car and they were on their way to eat to make Lacy feel better. Lacy walked in her house and tried to put on her PJ's but she needed help. After all, she had a cast on her arm. Lacy fell asleep and when she woke up light was coming threw the window and she knew it was morning. She pulled on her favorite t-shirt and some shorts and went downstairs. She grabbed a bowl, cereal , a spoon , and milk. She went into the living room to eat and watch TV. After she finished her breakfast Lacy asked her mom, "When are we going to leave to go to piano lessons?" Lacy's mom smiled and told her to look in the family room. As Lacy ran into the family room, there it was! She saw a brand new shiny, black piano waiting for her, with the piano teacher beside it. This surprise was the best Lacy had ever received! The End

Here is our story web completed on December 17, 2009.