Gage's Writing Space

Who: Gage
What: trip to his cousin’s house and their adventures
Where: North Carolina
When: over the summer

My Summer Adventure

One summer I visited my cousin in North Carolina. I went to the beach with my cousin Max. We swam and then we got out. We didn't see Max's mom. We looked for her. She wasn't there. Then we realized we were lost. Max thought he knew the way home.
We walked down a path. There was a snake that bit Max.
"Ouch," said Max.
I helped him sit down. "What should I do?" I asked.
Max said, "You will have to find my mom and bring her here. She will know what to do."
I was scared but I knew Max needed my help. "Which way do I go?" I asked. He said to go back to the beach and start looking there.
I walked back down the path. There were a lot of people swimming at the beach. I could not see Max's mom. There was a lifeguard down the beach. I told him that I was lost and my cousin was hurt.
The lifeguard used his hands and flags to send a message to the other life guards. He said, "Don't worry. Your cousin's mom is on the way!"
She came on a four-wheeler and ran up to me and hugged me. I took her to Max. The lifeguard came, too. She knew just what to do.