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You know the kind of thing, you want to tell someone, but you can't? Well I have the same Problem!! I wanna tell you, yeah and so now, I am going to go insane if I don't tell you!! I want to Tell you!!!

But i can't!! AHH! i swear i am going to go insane if i don't tell someone!! Okay! i will tell you but you have to promise that you won't tell ANYONE!! Not a single soul!!

Okay...it all started when I was told that i was going to be taking 7th grade swimming lessons! i was SO excited that i was about to explode!! But after i started swimming, i HATED it! It was so annoying when my legs went numb whenever i got in! The water was FREEZING!! i got out ASAP and looked for my swim teacher, Mr.Jay. He was always a grump and never appreciated anything that you do! I was just like "Mr.Jay! The water is FREEZING!!" and he was all like "Oh well...You souldn't be wearing such a short swimsuit!" and i thought to myself, Then what am i going to do? wear a snowsuit?

He was on my last nerve the 3rd day when he told me that i wasn't allowed to swim because i left my goggles at home!! I swear i was about to scream!! Ahh...Anyway, i am WAY off subject! I guess the thing i was trying to tell you I was...(dramatic music!!) A.....chicken! Ohh, what's the use? I can't tell you and i am like so tired of having to hide it and I don't want to anymore!! (*Cry*) In my words, I am a ''Coral'' you know, all hard and lumpy! A coral!

When I got home from the 4th day, most horrible of all of them, I must have looked HORRIBLE, because my mom looked at me like she had just seen a ghost!
"What's wrong honey?" she asked me, "NOTHING!!" I kind of screamed at her through my teeth,
"Woah! Watch that attidude, missy!" she said back to me...after a long and miserable talk with my mom about...some things, but anyway, hey, I know you are probably getting bored...oh well. The next day in school, this snotty, rich girl named Amanda, walked by me and knocked all my books on the floor!! ARGGHHH!!! I was SO mad at her and I just wanted to punch her in the mouth! You are probably asking, "Why didn't you?" Well, because she got what was coming to her...a boy had just thrown up on the floor, (he's at the nurse now) and she and her group were walking and they all slipped in it and got covered with warm, smelly, puke!! I laughed so hard!!

Then, the next day, she came up to me and said,
"You had better watch your back, twerp," I guess she thought it was okay to call me that becuse I was one grade behind her...she must just have bad luck because then some guy came up to her and insulted her, and luckiest of all, That was the boy she was in love with! Haha!!
"Hey, next time you like someone, make sure...'' I was interrupted by a girl, little smaller than me
(in height!) and she had long, thick blonde hair. She came up to me and said,
"She's the spoiled type, don't get involved with her..." she was nice! I liked her. I asked for her name, just in case I had anymore 'emergencies', she just laughed at me, she was looking like someone that I could REALLY get along with...When I got home, I was jumping and skipping because, well, can YOU guess why? If you guessed "because she has a new friend", YOU'RE CORRECT!! I love making friends becuse I hardly ever have any friends! They either get Molaria or they die or they move...I know, it's sad, but oh well... I have Sarah now and i know that we will be good friends! My Mom had that "oh Honey, I'm sorry!" look on her face, "oh no..." i said under my breath to myself,

"Uhh, Jamie? Can i tell you something? It's about what happened yesterday."
I looked at her, "you mean yesterday when I got home, your I-just-saw-a-ghost face??"
She closed her eyes and beckoned me to come sit on the couch, "yes, that one, Uhh...are you sure you want to know becuse I won't tell you if you don't want to know!!"
I took her hand off of my hand, "Yes, Mom...i DO want to know!"

I knew she was serious because her eyes filled with tears when she started her sentence, "Your-Your-Your dad left!!" After she said those last three words, her eyes were like Niagra Falls or something! I couldn't take it! I ran out of the room like bullet and darted upstairs. I started to cry too! I guess my mind had just processed what my mom was babbling about...my dad LEFT!!! how could he?? Did he even love me when he was here? Did he even love my mom?? All of the confusing questions made my head hurt, so I went on a walk, I walked until my legs were about to collapse! I sat down on a log and relaxed for a while, then a little bit away from me, i saw something sparkle! I slowly got up and went over to it, it was a BEAUTIFUL green-stoned ring with a silver base! I picked it up and put it on, then I went back home. I didn't even look at my Mom when I went in the door. I went straight up to my room, I sat on my bed and read for a little bit, then the ring started to burn on my finger! OWW!! It burned, I looked at it...."Where did it go?" I asked myself, it faded into my finger, I went and looked it up on the computer, "Burning Mermaid Ring"...I gasped, I was a FISH!!

How could I be a fish?? I am just a normal middle-schooler who found a ring! That's all! Nothing more! How could this have happened?? Was I destined to find the ring? Was it a coincedence? I have no idea and now my head was throbbing more than ever before!
To prove my theory, I went into the bathroom and got my feet wet, no tail, but what I didn't notice was that there was a tiny, greenish-blue scale on my ankle! I had thought that nothing was there and so I tried to forget about the whole thing and go eat lunch, instead.

At Lunch, my dumb sister, Ally' came to me and over to me and said to me, "What is that thing on your ankle??" I looked down and saw the scale...getting bigger!! I ran up to my room and took a towel and tried to rub it off...but it wouldn't come off!! maybe I had to dry it off...

So, I can kind of guess what you think I did...I dried it. I probably rubbed for hours untill it finally came off. It was gone...And so were my legs...

I had a giant blue and purple tail in the place of them!! I swished it around and splashed a puddle of water on the bathroom floor from the wash cloth I used to wash off my scale...I moved the tail thing to another side of the, room, got a towel and started to dry my legs. It took me about 15 minutes to completely get rid of my "tail"...I got up slowly, started to walk towards my room...and then i started to run....then before I knew it I was sprinting up the stairs and I landed on my bed, panting like a dog...

The next day mom mom asked me what was wrong yesterday, and why I was running. I just stared at her and said, "Mom' I am kid. I run. I jump. And I play..." she looked at me in amazement..I guess she would never hear those words come out of my mouth. I snickered to myself.
Later that day when my mom and my mind had calmed down a little..I asked my mom if I could go to the store to get some candy for me and my friends. She said yeah...I was shocked 'cause she hardly ever says yes to ME...Haha....

When I got back, i had chocolate all over my face...how do i know? Well my mom laughed and told me ot go look in the bathrom mirror...
I laughed at myself and wiped it off...but what i didn't know was water was what caused my tail...so when i washed my face...
SPLASH! I landed right on the floor and hit my head on the door. I tried to dry it off but my mom was coming...i started towards the door to lock it but...too late...she walked in...

She stood there in complete amazment and shock that he daughter was a mermaid and she had not told her about it. She stuttered and then asked, "Jamie, w-what;s that??" My legs came back and I booked for the door...She just stood there amazed...wait, i already said that. When it was time for dinner, she came up and got me...that's when things got awkward!

The next day I went to vschool and Amanda was heading toward ME!! I tried to kinda walk away from her as I was doing that I bumped in to this boy named Zacary!!! She started snickering like she men't for me to run into him!!! THAT WAS IT I HAD ENOUGH!!! Then as if magic, her books fell on the floor!! haha LOL!!! But, in time, I will learn to deal with them...

A month later, I told everyone in my family that I was a...you know what... and they took it very well...Now, i guess it's over between me and swimming lessons..Well, i guess we will se what the future holds...

<................................THE END.............................>