Dylan's Writing Space

Who? (Dylan) and My Dog and Cody
What? My Farm and Dylan and My Dog and Cody are spys and we find a airplane
When? 2009 March 15
Where? Mardela Springs

Who? (Dylan)
What? Fishing and I got a spacecraft
When?July 4 3009
Where? New York

Who? Dylan Cody Connor
What? Police
When? Feb 7 2010
Where? Maryland

It is a summer day in June. My friend, Cody, is visiting me on my farm. My dog, Cindy loves to run and swim in the river behind my farm house. While Cody is visiting, we take Cindy to swim in the river. Suddenly, we hear a CRASH!!!
Cody says, "What in the world was that? Do you always hear crashes?"
I said, "No I don't. Let's go see what it is." So we get Cindy and walk to the field. In the field, we see two guys running to the road with guns and bags of money." Cody, Cindy and I jump down into tall grass to hide from the men.
We hear them saying, "We have a lot of money from the bank. We have to get out of here before we get caught."
Cody whispers, "We have to become spies again so that we can capture the bad guys." Cody's name is Agent Spirit and my name is Agent Calloway. Cindy's name is Agent Cindy.

I call my boss in Washington, DC and tell him about the robbers.
He says, "Please go undercover and catch them." Cody, Cindy and I locate their hideout in a warehouse in Salisbury. I send Cindy into the warehouse and she starts barking. Cody is by the window, watching for them to come out or to see if he has to go in to help Cindy. I am standing at the door with a net covering the door. I call for back up just in case we run into some trouble.
The robbers yell, "Get that dog. It's making too much noise. Someone will find our hideout." I signal Cody to go in to help Cindy. He goes through the window. But Cindy is running to the door. The robbers are following her. Cindy runs under the net and the robbers come through the door and get trapped in the net. We caught the bad guys!

After everything is over, my boss says, "Great work Agent Calloway, Agent Spirit and Agent Cindy." He gives Cody and I a medal and he gives Cindy a 100 bones. Cody, Cindy and I decide to get out of the spy business again. We like to spend time on my farm and the spy business is dangerous!