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Hey guys I have my story done... so here it is!!!

‚Äč *Amanda Gets Famous*
by Crystal Wolfe

I woke from a deep sleep to the sound of rumbling and the shaking of my bedroom floor. I went into the laundry room to get a flashlight then I went downstairs. My little brother woke up and thought I was a robber "Mommy,Daddy theirs a robber!" Jake screamed while running downstairs. Mom and Dad woke up and rushed downstairs to see what had happended. " What is going on Jake?" Mom questioned " It's a Robb... ohh its only sis." Jake replied " Yeah... what did you think I was?" I interrupted " A robber!" Jake giggled
" Let's go to bed now." Mom suggested " I'm going to get a glass of milk...ok?" I insisted " Ok i'll be upstairs in bed and don't stay up!" Mom commanded. Mom and Jake went upstairs. I forgot all about the rumbling and shaking. I got a glass of milk from the refrigerator." Why did you come down here in the first place?" Dad asked,"Well their was all this shaking and..." The ground shaked again. "Listen..." Dad interrupted. I listened, I didn't hear anything, the ground shook again. "Yeah, that's why I came down here in the first place but you wouldn't let me explain!" I said frusterated, BOOM,CRASH,POW!!! We ran outside. Four trees fell down at the same time! Our house started to shake really loud!
It never really happend to us except for the time we went to San Andras Fault. That time it was a HUGE earthquake and we all went out to get some wood for the camp fire except for mom and dad and that was when the earthquake started. This police car came up to us after the earthquake stopped. So we walked over to him,
" Ahhhhh... Its a Tornado!!!" My Brother ran downstairs screaming with mom behind him. "I'm not sure if its a Tornado or a Earthquake. But i'm sure its a tornado so lets pack up...hurry!! " Dad said rushing us.
I started running up to my room to get my sleeping bag and my phone just in case. I grabbed what I needed and ran. Then I heard jake yelling that he cant find his gameboy. But I didn't really care so I just ran downstairs to get some margiarn oranges and some candy. I always eat candy to calm me down when im nervous and it always helps, weird huh?? I got everything and ran down to the basement. Then I heard my brother cry that he couldn't find it. Then I heard my mother say " Then you should have cleaned your room like I asked you to yesterday!! " I heard my Dad run down the stairs with a cooler in his hand and a bunch of blankets because he didn't have a sleeping bag of course.
When everybody was downstairs I just started writing in my diary about this boy that I have a crush on his name is Zachery, he is so cute I wish I could go out with him just my Mom says I am to young but I don't think so.
I finally finished what I was writing about and I put it in my sleeping bag so my little brother couldn;t read it. But of course, like all my things, he eventually found it and ran arould the house reading it aloud! He screamed, "Dear Diary, I am in love...i love this guy named..." I snached it away before he could say Zachary's name. I grabbed his arms and yelled, "DON'T EVER TOUCH MY STUFF! DO YOU HEAR ME??" He nodded and ran back ad slid into his racecar sleeping bag giggling. I was so mad at him!
I just started looking back in my diary of when I started starting school and I started reading and i liked this boy Dylan Carter and he turned out to be one of the boys that are very rude and snobby.
I kept reading and i found a lot of cartoons i made about him i laughed so hard snot came out of my nose!! Pretty grose huh?? After about a hour the earthquake started again i was so scared this time I didn't know if it was a earthquake of a tornado but I was pretty sure it was a earthquake. Everything started shaking I heard glass crashing on the floor! My dad started screaming its an earthquake, its an earthquake!!!! RUN!!!!
We all started rushing upstairs it was Jake first then me, my mom then dad last. Before I new it I was outside my dad came out with a huge scrach on his head, he was bleeding so hard!!! An officer came up to us and told us he was going to take him in the ambulance and get him back up in shape!! He asked me if I wanted to have a interview with him and I said yes I would love to!!! So I had an interview on TV!!!!
I never thought this would happen before!!! He asked me if i wanted to sing on TV because I told him my hobbies were singing and I sang at Pork In The Park last year so he asked me to sing on TV!!! I started to cry because I was so happy!!! My Mom was cheering me on and my little brother had his mouth wide open."That is no fair!" Jake said. "Let her have a chance!" Mom said.
It was the best day of my life!!! " What do you want to sing little girl?" " Umm...I'm guessing...''Baby'' by Justin Bieber!!!!" I screamed so loud. " Ok.Lights.Camera.Action!" I started right when he turned the camera on...I got so nervous my hands were shaking!! But after a while I was fine.
When I was done he shut the camera off and asked me how long I have been singing and I said since kindergarden because that was as long as I could remember. But my mom said since I was in Pre-K. I did'nt know. " Well.. since I thought you were a great singer I would like to ask you if you would like to record in Hollywood. Would you like to??"He asked me. " I would love too!!!!!!" I said with a combination of screaming and crying. It was absolutely the best day of my life!!! I started giving my family a great big group hug!! Then he asked me what my phone number was so he could get in touch so time! The next day... School was so good! Zachary actually chose ME to be HIS science partner! I was stoked! The next day...he came over to my house to study for a quiz we are going to have on Friday. He asked me if I was the one who sang on TV.
I said yes under my breath because I was so scared that he was going to think that is was bad, but he actually said it was pretty good! We started working together on our projects and it was the first time that i got that close to him in my life! After a little while he actually asked me out!!!! Omg, I definatly said yes!! When he left i absolutely had to write in my diary at what happened!!!! After I was done the guy from when I sang on TV called me and he asked me if I wanted to take a trip with him and he said he would take me their and said he would pay for my hotel room because he said he owned it and he asked ME if I wanted to go with him!!!!
Omg I just got asked if I wanted to record in Hollywood!!!! I said he would have to talk to my Dad and Mom!!!! After my parents got done i was nearly shaking because I wan't sure if my parents would say yes because I wouldn't see my parents in like 2 weeks!! My mom came in and sat on my bed, and I was nearly freakin' out because I was so nervous!!
Then my mom said,"I am going to say this as easy as i can..." This is where I get huge goosebumps... Then she whispered to me, "You're goin' to Hollywood." I immediantly jumped up screaming and yelling because my parents are going to let me go to Hollywood!!
I was so excited, and when I got there, I asked the reporter guy what his name was, he said it was Harold Parker and he's been a reporter since he was 17...I was truly amazed at THAT fact. He took me to my hotel room and showed me around the hotel. It has 5 stories and 2 pools and 1 hot tub...I was especially excited when he said the thing about the pools. As soon as I got settled into my room, I took the elvator to the pool...Just in case, my mom had given me 300 dollars to spend on REASONABLE things, yeah, Okay!?!? I stayed int he pool for about 2 or 3 hours...I looked like a prune!! Haha, as you can tell, I LOVE the pool, and the ocean, and anyother water areas...After an hour or so of watching TV, Harold came up and said, "You ready to start singin'??" I said yes and we went down to this place called the Recording Rooster...I thought it was a stupid name for a record place but I also thought that you shouln't put salt on beef...but whatever...when we got to the actual recording studio, i sang 3 songs i had written when i was a kid...
3 months later, I got a letter in the mail saying that i had made it and that i was now a superstar that needed to move to Hollywood and live there...FOREVER!!! EEEEEEE! I am SOO excited.
2 months later, I live now in hollywood with my family, friends, (i was allowed to bring 1 friend) and most of all, my awesome singing, superstar....job...I call it, "Amanda gets famous"....For now, at least...
...THE END...
Thats all for now!!!