Connor's Writing Space

Who SGT Connor Hatton(Arbiter),Cap Cody Robensen(Red egale), Cap Dylan Callaway(Bull dog),Dylan Crew(Sniper wofe)
what The Vietnam war has just started SGT CONNOR or Arbiter his nick name.His team must face challinges no srinder.
when Vietnam war 1960-1907

Who SGT Connor hatton call sign Hornte and his P-51 The Tiger.
What japnes airmen are comming Connor and a flite of 200 hundred other P-51s.
Where In the Pacific oscen

A Voice of Vietnam

It is 1962 and the Vietnam War is heating up. Connor Hatton, call sign "Arbiter," is a staff sargeant deployed to Vietnam. His mission is to protect the convoy of 25 tanks, supply trucks, and troop transports until it gets to the city of Hanoi. He knows that it is a dangerous mission, but is surprised that all is going well right now.
"How much more do I have to lug this radio around?" says Reese.
"What? You have to be kidding me," Arbiter says. "I'm not..."
"MOVE! NOW GO!" Arbiter said. "Oh man, half the convoy is gone," said Arbiter. No one knew where the shot was coming from. "Everyone who is not a medic or injured come with me," Arbiter said.
Staff Sargeant Hatton looks over his troops. On the radio he hears that the forces are scattered and taking heavy fire.
Ariter uses the radio to say, "All troops must get to the east side of the bridge ASAP. We will..."
"Oh no, there goes the bridge," says Cody, Red Eagle, a tank commander.
Dylan, Bulldog, the heavy artillery commander said, "Arbiter, we have lost all radio communication."
All of a sudden, 2 migs, enemy fighter jets, fly in low. They start to fire on the tanks. Bulldog yells to Arbiter, "I've got them in my sight. I can take them out!"
Arbiter gives the directive! Bulldog opens fire.
The migs go down. Red Eagle shouts that he sees the rest of the platoon on the east side of the bridge.
They build a make-shift bridge. While Artiber watches their backs, Bulldog and Red Eagle cross the bridge.
Reese says, "We could not have built the bridge or survived if you had not shot down those migs!"
The platoon is reunited and they travel successfully to the Hanoi.
Once they make it to Hanoi, the battle is tremendous, but because of the support, training and teamwork, Arbiter, Bulldog and Red Eagle survive and go home heroes for their combat at the river to save the platoon.
Staff Sargeant Hatton receives the medal of honor for his leadership.