Cole and Justin's Writing Space

Here is our rough draft.

The Hunt

One morning two boys snuck out to go diver duck hunting on their grandpa's property. POW! "One duck down, Cole." POW! "Two ducks down Justin. Go get them, Parker." SPLASH! "He has the ducks. Come on Parker." "Get the next duck Parker ", said Cole. But as the dogs got in the boat, they made the boat tip over and SPLASH everything went in the water. There was nobody around. There were no islands around. The boys had no lifejackets. They were stranded in the middle of a big body of water. There were whitecaps on the waves and the water was freezing. "We're going to die of hypothermea," Justin thought. "We've got to get to land, Cole", yelled Justin. "But we don't know where land is, replied Cole. "From the map I was looking at, land should be twenty miles North", said Justin. They swam and they swam until they eventually found land. While shivering they looked to find any other person on the island. "We should build a shelter, Cole", Justin said. "But after that we need to find food", Justin continued. After they built a shelter the boys went to find food but found something else better. "A boat!", yelled Cole. "I found a boat, Justin. It's still running so we can get off this island!" They got in the boat, but then an Indian with a sling shot came out of nowhere. Cole and Justin were knocked unconscious by the Indian's flying rocks. When Cole and Justin woke up they were surrounded by Indians. Then the Indians bowed to a shorter Indian with a sharp stick. "This doesn't look good, Justin", whispered Cole. The short Indian said something in his language, but it was hard to understand. The rest of the Indians stood up and looked at Cole and Justin. All of a sudden the Indians stepped back letting Cole and Justin go. "Now let's find that boat," said Justin. When they got back to the spot where they saw the boat it wasn't there. Cole and Justin then wondered how to get off the island. "Let's try our cell phones", said Cole excitedly. But when they pulled out their cellphones neither of them worked. "Well, we could try to see if the Indians have any ideas", muttered Justin. When they went to the Indians it was no use. The two boys couldn't understand a word the Indians said. "Well, that was no use but I have another idea, Cole," Justin said. So they set to work on building a huge raft out of drift wood. "I wonder if it floats?", said Justin. "Well, let's find out so we don't have to wonder", replied Cole. So the boys pushed the raft out into the water. "It floats! It floats!", they both yelled. "Awsome, now we can get off this island, Justin. Let's go!" screamed Cole. So the boys made a sail out of cloth with some help from the Indians. "Thanks guys", said Justin to the Indians. "Come on Cole let's go". So the boys got on the raft and the Indians pushed the raft into the water. Cole and Justin floated on the raft talking and laughing until they were found by a boat on the river. The boat had their grandfather's best friend in it. He took them back to their grandfather's property. Cole and Justin's grandfather was waiting for them at the dock with their dogs, who had swam back to shore. Later that evening as the two boys arrived home, they received a strict punishment for going out on the boat by themselves. Cole and Justin learned their lesson.