Cody's Writing Space

Who? One eye man
What?A man that peoele make fun of.
When? Mach 12 2009 time 12:59pm

What?Teme for a jatplan naemed Old Lighing. For Russia
When?Mach 12 6000 time 1:00am

Who?Connor Hatton
What?He is a Secretary of Defense.For Russia
Whair?Mach 12 8643 time 8:50pm

(Red--group reviewed individual stories and made suggestions.)

There once was a boy named Patrick. He was a clumsy boy. He often fell off the slide. One day he went home from school and his turtle, Lazy, was missing. So, he went out to the woods to look for his turtle. As he was walking, he fell on a stick and poked his eye. It was badly damaged so he went to the doctor to ask if it was OK. The poor boy hit his eye many times so DR.Boom Boom took one of his eyes.So his life was bad. His life was bad because people called him names like Cyclops, and One-Eyed Boy. This made him feel very angry and very sad. While he was growing up through the years, he had no friends. He was lonely.

30 years later, the One-Eyed Man lived in New York City.
He worked as a policeman at night, so that he didn't have to talk to many people. His partner was a dog named Blue. Blue was a German Shepherd who was very smart. He helped the One-Eyed Man be a great policeman. The worked together and they lived together.
One night a call came in. "A car robbery is in progress on route 21 heading north. The car is a yellow and black Camero, " the dispatcher said on the radio.
The One-Eyed Man said, "Blue and I are on the way." So, he rushed over to route 21 and chased the car. After he caught the car, he arrested the thief and had the car taken to the police station. He tried to call the owner. Her name was Angie Boltz. She came down to the station. Angie was a special person. Angie had only one hand because she was born that way. When the One-Eyed Man met Angie, he knew that she would be his friend because she understood what it was like to have one thing gone.
The One-Eyed Man said, "Do you want to be friends?" Angie said, "Yes, I do."

They became friends. They went on bike rides and played games together. The One-Eyed Man was not lonely anymore.