Chandler's Writing Space

Who: Cat—Ribbon; Dog--Thumper
What: When the family leaves, Ribbon and Thumper are sad; the story would be about what they do to make themselves feel better
Where: their house in Sharptown
When: on the weekend

The Adventure of Ribbon and Thumper

One day, our family went to Virginia, but we could not go along. We were sad. However, our family left the door cracked. Thumper opened up the door with his nose and escaped. Thumper ran away. So, he was in a big place. It was up to me, Ribbon, to rescue him. He was probably lost.

Thumper ran down the road and found a big, scary dog. He growled at Thumper and that scared him.When the dog barked at Thumper, he cried and ran away. I heard the barking and the whining. I ran after the sound. But when I found the mean dog, Thurmper was gone.

Thumper ran to an old bridge. He tried to cross the bridge, but it started to break. He started to cry. I heard his cry and ran to the bridge. I jumped to the other side and saved Thumper by grabbing his paws and pulling him up. Thumper and I had to find our way home.

To get home, we had to go through the zoo. But there were tigers and bears and monkeys. We climbed up and around the cages to get to the other side. The lions and monkeys tried to get us, but we moved fast. We were almost home now.

Once we got home, we had to hurry because our family was coming down the road. We had to get inside before they got there. Thumper and I ran inside the house. We locked the doors so that our family did not know that we were out.

When our family came inside the house, they went to Thumper and I to pet us on our heads. Everyone was safe and happy. Thumper and I were very tired and we slept really good and dreamed of our adventure.