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Here is our rough draft.

The Mysterious Magic Show

Friday morning on Halloween Amanda, Ashley, and James were in history reading about Benjamin Franklin. When class was over they decided to put on a magic show and tell all the kids at their school about it.

They decicded they would ask the mayor if they could put on the show at the Town Hall. They would go to the mayor's office after school.

The show would start at 8:00 PM and end at 12:00 midnight. Amanda and Ashley went to make the flyers while James went and asked the mayor if they could use the Town Hall.

James knocked on the mayor's door. The mayor answered and said hello.

James nervously asked the mayor if Amanda, Ashley, and he could use the Town Hall from 8 to 12 pm.

James left the mayor's office.When James got back he sounded strange. Amanda and Ashley asked what was wrong.

James said that he had felt a cold quiver when he had walked in the mayor's office earlier. Amanda and Ashley asked James what the mayor said about using the Town Hall until midnight. James said the mayor said yes!

Amanda and Ashley screamed in excitement. Amanda, Ashley, and James went to the Halloween store and they bought Halloween decorations. They went to the Town Hall and started to decorate.

The kids went back to their houses, got dressed, ate dinner, and went to meet each other at the Town Hall. When they all got there they went in the Town Hall.

They went up on stage and got their magic supplies ready. When the audience started crowding in Amanda, Ashley, and James started the show.

Ten minutes later something strange happened! The mayor walked on stage and shone a bright red light from a ring he was wearing on James. Then the ring made a connection with James and flew onto his finger.

The audience thought that this was part of the act but little did they know it wasn't. Amanda and Ashley tried to get the ring off James.

Finally they pulled it off but when they did, the mayor grabbed Amanda and Ashley and tied them up.

The audience sill thought this was part of the magic act. Suddenly when the clock struck midnight everything changed. The mayor dissappeared and Amanda and Ashley were floating in the air! James was locked in the crate that was carrying all of their magic supplies.

The audience started to run out of the Town Hall, now knowing this was not part of the magic act. Finally Amanda and Ashley fell to the floor crawling over to the crate that James was in.

Amanda and Ashley tried to break the lock but it wouldn't work so they went to the storage closet to try and find something to break the lock.

Suddenly the door slammed and Amanda and Ashley were locked in the closet. Now James was stuck in a crate and Amanda and Ashley were stuck in a closet! Later that night around 1:30 a.m the closet door creaked opened.

Amanda and Ashley walked out and James was out of the crate! The kids walked down the stage steps and out the door they went. From this day on Amanda, Ashley, and James never have heard from the mayor or put on another magic show again!

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