Andrew's Writing Space



It was a sunny day at a summer camp called camp stone. There were three kids named Andrew , Nathaniel , and Tim. They were each there for one reason , to play. Every day they played tag , rode bikes , swam in the lake , and on Fridays they roasted marshmallow
Today was Thursday and they did everything they always did , but they had a food fight with mashed potatoes. Then there camp leader
Blake stopped them.Next they were dunking eachother under water at the lake.They also went on different paths on their bikes.At night
time , even though it was monday they roasted marshmallows , but told a story about a haunted camp and a dragon showed up and attacked. Then they heard something in the bushes , so they looked over there and it was squirrel though.The next day they went back
to doing everything normal again except they still told a scary story.This time it was a story about a ghoul who haunted a shopping mall
and took all the custormers and killed them until a guy named Conan Ward who defeated it.the next day they told the story again but witha twist to it . then out of the woods came a fire breathing dragon.Tim and the others were scared so much they had an accident in thier pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then andrew and nathaniel ran for their lives. the only thing was that they left TIM!!!!!! So Tim ran for the cabin Blake was in , but he wasn't there. so Tim looked for a gun or something cause he has a hunting license. All he found was a lasso and a samuri sword. So next he tied the sword to the lasso and went outside. Then he swung it around let it go and he slayed the dragon for good. The next day the camp was shut down and Blake was never saw again.