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Alyssa and Evan's story.

The Mystery of Chincoteague
It all began on May12,1645 when the horses were crossing over to the other side of Chincoteague beach. All of a sudden the horses disapperd into the fog. Also the only trace were footprints in muddy sand. So Eric and I called the greatest detective of them all, Sherlock Holmes. Later when Holmes and Watson came, they identifeid two suspects, a man and a women. So Holmes went to the stables and all of the horses were mysteriously, for some type of reason, marked with the words I will be back. Also, Watson found a burn mark on Sally, who was Eric's horse, that looked like fire. So Watson said, " Ha ha very funny you guys. Nice try. I know you painted your horses." I said, "We didn't paint our horses. They got burned. If you don't believe us then get the suspects." ... 2 hours later. At the headquarters we identified the suspects.... My twin Catherine ( Catherine hates horses. ) and Eric's sister Hailey. ( Hailey also hates horses but not as much. ) When I left Watson said, "Catherine get your butt over here." Then Catherine said, " I'm right here. My twin sister, Misty, is over there dummy!" "Misty is always shy.", said Catherine. "I am not!", yelled Misty. "You are too!" , yelled Catherine. "Then how come you still hide behind Mom or Mommy as you call her?",said Misty. "OK, OK I won't call her Mommy any more. SHEESH, what a meanie!", said Catherine. All of a sudden Holmes said "Hey, who is that going into the kitchen?" "Oh that's probably just Misty getting a snack.", said Eric. "Hey guys, what's-up? said Misty.
"Wait a second", said Watson. "If Misty is over there then who is that over there watching us?", said Holmes . "Uh-oh", said a low sounding voice. "Capture him or her", said Eric. Soon they uncovered who the person really was. "So who ARE you?", said Watson. "Tell us and we might not put you in jail as you are supposed to be!", said Misty. "SSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPP!!!", said Holmes. "The horses are missing AGAIN!!!", said Holmes. "But how are they missing?", asked Misty. "Also WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CATHERINE!?!", yelled Misty. "She probably took the horses and painted them red and orange.", said Watson. "Then how come there's a red-orange glow coming from the barn?", said Watson. "THE HORSES!!!!!! ", screamed Eric and Misty together as they ran for the door. As they reached the door the horses, Sally and Amanda ,came up to them and motioned for them to get on just before the barn exploded. Then all of a sudden everyone woke up, except for Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Everything was still in flames but all of the horses were safe and alive. Then Catherine woke up again then she realized that it had all been a dream. "If it was all a dream", said Catherine "then how come it seamed so real?" Eric said, "Oh well... a dream is a dream." "It's a totally different world when you are dreaming", Misty said. "If it is a totally differnt world whe you are NOT dreaming", Eric said, "then we should go get some breakfast!" "Yeah, we are hungry, too!" the girls replied. All three friends rode off to get some breakfast.